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Assisted by his wife, Michel Mège began with two hectares of vines in 1953.

He was a vinegrower for the village cooperative for thirty years. But his principal activity was the production of young vine plants.

This activity developed when his sons, Alain and Bruno, joined him in 1982 and the number of vineyards increased to twenty hectares.

In 1993, Michel, Alain and Bruno decided to go as far as they could in their activity as vinegrowers. They left the cooperative, built a cellar and produced the wine themselves.

Their objective : exploit the potentialities of the vines, produce a good wine reflecting the qualities of the soil.

We want to conserve the traditional vine growing and wine making methods of the Bordeaux and Premières Côtes de Blaye areas. We also use new technologies not only in vinegrowing (high performance grape picking machine, spraying only when needed, controlling the strength of the vines for a better grape quality), but also in oenology (keeping track of the maturity, checking and controlling the temperatures, draining one part of the juice, micro-oxygenation).