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Our 50 hectares of vineyards are divided into two parts :
- in 
Anglade (35 ha of red vines) on clay and limestone soil, overlooking the Gironde estuary ;
- in 
Générac (4 ha of white vines and 11 ha of red vines) on a sandy soil.

We have the traditional varieties of Bordeaux :
our red vines are Merlot 85 % and Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon both 15 % ;
our white vines are Sauvignon 95 % and both Sémillon and Muscadelle 5 %.

The grapes are picked by our new machine that has a high performance and picks quickly. This is important for when the grapes are just ripe for harvest, or when mildew threatens or in bad weather.


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The method of the vinification depends on the grape varieties, and the type of wine (white, red, Clairet).

Red wine
The red harvest stays in stainless steel vats for three weeks, then the new wine is tasted several times to select the vats to be commercialised in bottles under the name of "Château Anglade-Bellevue".

White wine

Produced mostly with Sauvignon, the grapes macerate with their skins, they are pressed, then fermentation occurs at 18 or 20°C. They stay on fine lees for three months, then they are clarified. A tasting enables us to select the best blend for bottling.


Clairet is a type of rosé wine, which only comes from the Bordeaux area. It is produced after a maceration of red grapes lasting 24 or 48 hours, then it is fermented at 18 or 20 °C, like white wine. It is then clarified and bottled.


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We give our red wine constant attention. If the result of successive tastings is good, we select it for the barrels.

In January, this wine goes on to age in oak barrels for 12 months. At the end, it is blended in vats and we fine it with powdered white of egg to eliminate any particles still in suspension, then it is bottled in September (after 22 months maturation).